Finding My Voice.

gettyimages-560482267_1Patience. So much patience – that is the key; you can’t rush something so beautiful.

I have been struggling to make it through the worst of winters for the past 6 years and only now am I starting to see the Spring – there is a light at the end of this depression. Just like a flower takes time to blossom; so does finding the light.

It has taken me a long time to even be able to talk to my family about the emotions I’ve been experiencing and the horrors that have accompanied them; it was only two weeks ago that I was able to express myself openly and honestly to them for the first time. But, one thing I’ve learnt over the last month or so is that those two words are everything. I’ve never had the opportunity to practise those two words before, everything till now has been dealt with silence.

Silence, I have learnt, is not good for the soul. Talking is good for the soul. Unfortunately for me words don’t come so easy after all these years of silence but in those years I’ve found another way to express myself. I am finally finding my voice.

And now, you are going to hear my thoughts.


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