Real quick. 

I want to thank everyone for their kind words of support after publishing this blog, it really means more than you could imagine.

I went from silence to complete openness and I’ve never felt better (although sharing this blog did send my anxiety to crippling heights at one point yesterday). I’ve finally found a place for positivity in my emptiness. Like there’s space for more than just my sorrows, sadness and guilt. Accepting your emotions takes time and so does healing. 
Many of the people who read this may have come across this blog through Facebook. Naturally, most of those people I’ve never had a real conversation with or really, haven’t even seen in years. I’m sure most people are curious about what happened to the girl that they once went to high school with, even I’m guilty of that. But I hope that the click that bought you here is the good kind of curiosity- the kind that makes you want to make a change and do better. 
Social media has given us a new idea of what it means to be curious. As a society we’ve started to use it as a way to compare our happiness, or success or how expensive our lifestyle is. We document everything. Checking in on Facebook, Snapchatting your whole evening, or making sure you’ve got the perfect image for Instagram. Are we doing it for ourselves? Or are we doing it because we thrive of the feedback?
Or look at it from an alternative perspective. Is the curiosity that compels you to check your feed every 15 minutes merely a way to compare your life to someone else’s so that you can feel better about yourself?  
It’s never a bad time for positive growth; take a step back and re-evaluate how you find happiness. Because we don’t find happiness by documenting our lives for strangers or counting the likes and comments on our Instagram posts. We find happiness by looking within and only when your heart is glowing with the warmth of self love can you find true happiness. 
And if you’re still struggling, ask yourself this.
Are you just living, or are you alive?


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