Fallen Star.

I don’t quite know how I ended up here.
Stardust. Fallen, and amongst the gravel.
Does that explain why I feel so lost?
Wearing this skin that is not familiar;
looking out through glassy eyes,
saying words that don’t belong.

Searching for answers to questions that don’t exist.
Because maybe this is all there is.
But I can’t be the only one, I think
that’s all I know. I’m not the only one.
Many have shimmered and fallen.

But there’s a black hole.
An empty mind with shooting thoughts.
Whose are they?
Because I, I was meant to shine.
So why is this storm happening in my head?
There can only be one explanation
and that is that I don’t belong.

Except maybe this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.
At least for now,
while I pick up the pieces of the wholeness.
Navigating through the unfamiliar
and sharpening the edges,
For my supernova will come
and when it does I will be ready.

Ready to make my way home.


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