Sometimes it feels like the world is spinning too fast and gravity is not enough to keep me grounded. 

Sometimes it feels like I may just fall off and no-one would know any different.

Sometimes its feels like there isn’t a map in existence that could put me back on the right path.

Sometimes I don’t even know what path it is that I need to be put back on, or what I need to be grounded to or what I’m falling from. 

I have this sense of impending doom. Uncertainty. I wish I knew what of because then it wouldn’t feel so bad. Because then there wouldn’t be those sometimes. And it might even be okay to have those sometimes because it wouldn’t be uncertain. It would at least e n d. But most of the time it doesn’t end. And I can’t explain those sometimes. But I promise I would if I could. Sometimes there’s so much confusion and this is how it comes out. Sometimes its all too much and there would be nothing better than falling off. Sometimes all you need is someone to say this will only last some of the time and that most of the time it might just be okay. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that. But I have to remember that because living in those sometimes is not fun. 


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