Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover. 

It really is the worst thing you could do. Does the cover really represent what the story is? Most times no. And we all use this phrase in day to day conversations but give it some thought…
You really don’t know what lies within until you’ve read the pages, absorbed and digested the pages. 

The same goes for people. We judge everyone based on what we see. And the actions that they show you which are often misinterpreted. Truth is no one has an ulterior motive on purpose. Everyone wants to be whatever perfect they desire so why should we think that they are that way on purpose. 

Truth be told, everyone has their own problems. Even the person with the most ‘perfect life’ has their issues. Some people don’t even remember enough of their past to realise that their actions today could be a result of that. Some people don’t even realise their actions are a problem. Some people won’t ever realise. But I hope that people have the courage to be brave enough to look within and discover the real them. Spend some time getting to know yourself because if you dig deep you’ll learn a lot more than you could possibly imagine. Being able to understand others truly helps you deepen your connections, not just with others but yourself as well. You’ll find yourself approaching the world and everything in it with so much more love, compassion and understanding. 

We can’t deny we all need a little more love. 


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