Never The Same.

I’ve always spoken a little about psychology. Today I realised that the world could do with some education in the subject. Some of it may seem like common knowledge once you actually start to learn a little about it because really there is so much you can identify with. People have spent years doing research on human behaviours. Studies and studies over decades to identify certain attitudes and behaviours to understand why people act the way they do. 

Why is this a response to that action? Why isn’t it that instead? Why do people have different responses to the same situation?

Why? Because no one is the same.

Even though the situation may be identical, maybe the way it was handled was different. There isn’t just one factor in determines how you behave. Your genes aren’t the same. Your DNA isn’t the same. Your defence mechanisms aren’t the same, your boundaries aren’t the same, nothing can be the same. I can’t emphasise how much it just can’t be the same. No one can have an identical reaction when there’s so much to consider, so much that comes into play.

So why is it that people aren’t willing to better themselves when what they desire is to be perfect? Why don’t people use the knowledge that is already out there? The knowledge is THERE. You don’t have to do that part. Pick up a book. It is all there. Sure you may not know what you’re looking for, but this is a subject about humans. You. It will really only take a few pages and an open mind for you to start to relate some of it back to yourself. (And, if you start feeling uncomfortable, keep going.)
It took me four weeks of soul searching and reading to realise that these things I was thinking were real. We doubt ourselves so much by abiding to the way of society that we forget to think for ourselves. We forget to rebel against the things we’ve agreed to through domestication.
In my last post I spoke about judgement. We aren’t just judging others. We judge ourselves. Continuously. But maybe if we learnt to judge ourselves in a more friendly way we’d become those perfect people, or we’d learn to see and accept ourselves for what we are. We can’t change the past but we can mould ourselves to be better for the future.
Over the next few posts I’ll be writing to enlighten you on just a few aspects of psychology that could be beneficial. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something that makes your brain tick, maybe it’ll flick on a switch and maybe you’ll find yourself wanting to know more.
But in the mean time get yourself a copy of ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz for an interesting read. 
Hope you keep reading x

2 thoughts on “Never The Same.

  1. Nature vs. Nurture? How about nature AND nurture? The endless combination of people’s unique genetic qualities and their unique environment makes them all different. Identical twins reared together can be wildly different. We’re like fingerprints, the two people are the same! Great read.

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